Hi! My name is Katie and I am the wife and mom to this wonderful bunch.  We are happy to welcome you to Sweet Purple Tulips!

Let me start off by introducing myself.  I grew up in a small town and have spent most of my life in the beautiful state of Idaho. I have always loved taking pictures of flowers, sunsets and my family.  I began scrapbooking/scrapbook supply collecting 🙂 when our oldest daughter was born 17 years ago.  I am a perfectionist/procrastinator by nature, so my scrapbooks aren’t as complete as I would like them to be.  Two years ago, I discovered the Project Life app and it was a game changer for me.  I look forward to sharing my ideas and pages with you as I rescue my photos from my phone and computer.

I am also excited to share my cards on this site and in my Etsy store.  I began making cards for family and friends about 15 years ago.  I enjoy spending time creating cards for others and thinking about the person receiving them.  It is also a great way to use all the scrapbook supplies I have collected over the years. 🙂

My husband Josh and I have been married for 18 years and have 4 amazing kids. Heather and Tyler are our high school kids. Heather is a senior and Tyler is a freshman this year.  Heather is outgoing, adventurous, and loves makeup and clothes. She is also gluten intolerant, which inspires some of the gluten free recipes you will find here. Tyler is more reserved like me and loves golf, video games, and computers (which is a wonderful asset for this blogging momma!). Sara and Megan are in elementary school. They both love gymnastics, reading, and Netflix.

So why did I call my blog Sweet Purple Tulips?  I began my first blog in 2012 and it was called Tales of an Everyday Coupon Mom. Yep, it was a mouthful!  This time around I wanted something simple that I could build a brand around.  I love things that are sweet (especially if it involves chocolate!) and I love the color purple.  I love flowers and have grown a variety over the years.  Roses and peonies are my favorites, but I have a special fondness for tulips. Winters in East Idaho are cold and LONG.  I look forward to February when the snow melts, and I can spot my tulips emerging from the ground.  They are a pretty pop of color in a landscape of brown.  They are the sign of a new beginning and of the beautiful possibilities of things to come.  This blog is a new beginning with many wonderful possibilities, and I am so excited to start this journey.  Thank you for joining us!